Refurbishment of Modular Building Ward Blocks

Refurbishment of Modular Building Ward Blocks

Managing effective ward upgrades within a challenging pandemic environment

Key details:

Client: University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBFT)

The project:

Refurbishment of acute health wards during the pandemic.



Client requirement:

As part of the serviced accommodation solution provided to our client the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, it includes for general wear and tear provisions in addition to planned preventative maintenance of the buildings critical systems.

Originally installed during 2013, the ward environments were in need of refurbishing the patient bedded areas. Each ward includes bays of 4 or 5 beds in addition to singled bedrooms. As part of the condition survey assessment, the extent of refurbishment works included the:


CPL worked closely with the Trust’s Estates Department, Infection Prevention and Control Team and clinical leads to develop a robust and effective programme of works which incorporated a systematic approach to refurbishing the ward on a bay by bay basis. The programme allowed for the handover and clinical cleaning of the bays / rooms. The approach is to be adopted over a number of years until all ward areas are refurbished.

As a result of the pandemic, the Trust continued to experience extreme bed pressures throughout the refurbishment period. It was therefore essential that the refurbishment programme progressed smoothly with little disruption to the Trust’s clinical ward operations.

Working in conjunction with the modular building provider, CPL developed a programme of works which delivered the internal refurbishment to the appropriate standards and met the Trust’s strict standards for safe systems of working. This involved the forming of external apertures for access to the bays through the removal of a window. Internal ward access was kept to an absolute minimal at all times.

Outcomes / Achievements:

The following achievements were realised in delivering this project:

Lessons learned:

A number of lessons learned evolved from the delivery of the project; not least the need to adopt different working practices during a pandemic.

Additionally, the following lessons were also learned:

Key challenges:

Challenges were experienced by all parties throughout the project. The primary challenges were:


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