About Us

About Us

Optimising health and social care facilities since 2009.

The Carveti Group is comprised of Carveti Partnership Limited and CCL Solutions.

We exist to enable improved patient outcomes by optimising health and social care facilities. We do this through a consultative approach designed to help our clients navigate the business case system, supplementing their in-house resources by working collaboratively and constructively.

Our extensive property portfolio also means we make a positive contribution to local economies, providing training opportunities and encouraging spend in each area.

We are uniquely placed to help you define and realise your projects. We combine a diverse range of construction and property consultancy services alongside ongoing property management so that you benefit from a more joined-up approach.

A unique NHS relationship

Unrivalled in our knowledge and expertise of the healthcare sector, we understand its constantly evolving and nuanced needs. Our relationship with the Department for Health and Social Care means we are an extension of the NHS and we have created a unique organisation that allows us to work closely with clients to reduce project risk while delivering and managing assets that positively impact people’s wellbeing.

Focused on productive relationships

Our team of knowledgeable specialists help build productive relationships with clients based on openness, dependability and collaboration. So, whether it’s initial consultations, ongoing management or anything in between, you can rely on Carveti Group to create and maintain functioning, healthy spaces.

Meet the team

By working with the Carveti Group, you’ll tap into our team’s collective expertise and skills that have been built across years of industry experience. But we know that it’s what we achieve today that matters to you most. Our team believe that successful projects are founded on collaborative, honest and open working relationships that deliver results.

Committed to making a positive difference

Talk to us about how we can use our skills and experience to help you improve health outcomes for your community, boost workforce wellbeing and achieve a greater positive impact with your budgets.

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